Airdrie Women in Business Association (AWBA) is a local non-profit organization with the goal of connecting entrepreneurial women in our community.

We are here to promote, inspire, and share opportunities for continued long-term business success in Airdrie.

Vision & Mission

Providing opportunities for personal and professional development and community involvement.

Here is an overview of the of the AWBA vision and mission statements (pdf) and how we achieve them.


We have a diverse membership representing a broad range of businesses, including but not limited to retail stores, service companies, professional consultants, and home-based operations. The association meets regularly and members also participate in local business events, workshops, and seminars. We also have a strong association with the Chamber of Commerce and City of Airdrie Economic Development, as well as with several other networks in the area.


Our monthly meetings include a speaker who will inspire us, educate us and connect with us. We also share about our own business and have time for networking. Generally we don’t meet in July and August, but have a celebration event in September to kick off the fall season.

Inclusive Group

We are not an exclusive group, in that we permit several members from an industry or even from the same company. We believe that supporting each other helps all of us. We encourage and expect our members to look to our membership when they need goods and services, and to refer each other when people they know need goods and services.

Community Involvement

In addition to supporting our own members, AWBA is actively involved in Airdrie community life through volunteering, donations and mentoring. Some our recent initiatives have included GoGirl, Think Airdrie, Junior Achievement, AirdrieFest, Airdrie Home & Lifestlyle Show, Creative Airdrie, and Airdrie Economic Development. In addition, AWBA is sponsoring the Amazing Airdrie Woman – Showing Promise award.

We welcome new members; and, thank and appreciate the support from our current members.

AWBA Bylaws

Here is a copy of the Current Bylaws.